K.B. Business Services (KBS) is one of the reputed and fasted growing the agro-based company in Pakistan. It provides a wide variety of products and services to the companies and farmers. KBS is run by the son of the farmer and holding a professional degree in the field of management accounting and business administration. The CEO has a wide experience in establishing and running the similar projects. He has the good repute in the financial market and professional circles.

KBS trusts in high efficiency and best quality, therefore, we have shortlisted foreign principals which are among the best available in the world. Our foreign principals with the help of experienced engineers and professional have enough experience in their account to always take care of our needs and best quality.

History of KBS:

KBS was established in 2011 with the aim to cover the machinery demands of local Farmers in all over Pakistan. Since its first day, the company has provided major international brands in Pakistan to Farmers in every small city of Pakistan.

At present, the company has its own setup in the Punjab Small Industrial Area, Taxila from where the agricultural and harvesting machinery is supplying to all over Pakistan.


Provide high-quality agricultural products and technical services, on a self-supporting and sustainable basis, to the farming community under one roof.


Make KBS a major player in the agricultural sector with a reputation for the high-quality products, services, and programs and known to provide a proven contribution to the Pakistan economy and poverty reduction through increased agricultural productivity, employment and income generation opportunities.



The aims of KBS are to;

  • Provide access to small farmers, in particular, to all means of production including agricultural machinery, inputs, and technical services for increased agricultural productivity and related earnings.
  • Assist farming communities in storage and marketing of their crop produce.
  • Assist local manufacturers of agricultural machinery for introduction and promotion of their products.
  • Review and facilitate the implementation of technological and economic policies of the government with regards to agricultural production strategies.
  • Explore opportunities for growth by introducing advanced agricultural technologies in the country.

Review and facilitate the implementation of technological and economic policies of the government regards to agricultural production strategies.

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